Login Salary and My Stolp+KAB

On January 1, 2016 something beautiful was born. Stolp Advisors and Accountants and Kab West Accountants & Tax Advisors joined forces to form Stolp+KAB advisors and accountants. This collaboration makes our organization even more complete. We have worked hard on the realization of one client portal named My Stolp+KAB. Log in by clicking on the logo of your choice:


How does it work?

With My Stolp+KAB we facilitate communication between you, us and partners such as your bank, the IRS or the Chamber of Commerce in a secure environment. Both portals offer the possibility to exchange documents or offer documents that need to be approved.

More information

At Stolp+KAB we want to participate in the developments surrounding digitization so that we can work in a paperless office that is secure and efficient. Do you have any more questions? For My Stolp+KAB please call +31 70 3209355 (Voorburg) ) or we can refer you to our brochure.