(International) business advice

Are you well informed when it comes to your market, branch or your clients? Do you know the value or your company? Do you ever think about what will happen in the future? About business succession or old age? Or are you considering expanding internationally? We invite you to brainstorm with us on these issues, so that we can give you sound advice or develop a plan of approach for you.

Due dilligence

Due diligence investigation is crucial when making investment decisions. This involves surveying the accurancy of figures, risks and opportunities of the company (you want to acquire). Stolp+KAB can support you in the financial, fiscal and legal aspects of this.


When you own a company, it's important to know its value. It is especially important in relation to your pension or possible succession, buying or selling a business, or in case of divorce or death. We have the expertise to thoroughly determine the value of your company.

Business succession

Business succession is a sensitive issue in many family owned businesses. You, the director-owner, want to guarantee continuity in the business and prevent conflicts wherever possible. We understand that there is more to it than figures alone. With our vast experience, we can ensure a smooth handover to your successor.

More information

The experts at Stolp+KAB are ready to serve you with tailor-made advice, even on an international level. Contact us for an introductory meeting via info@stolpkab.nl or call us at +31 71 3315200 (Roelofarendsveen), +31 70 3209355 (Voorburg). Read more about international entrepreneurship.