Fiscal advice

Giving fiscal advice to private individuals and business clients is what we do. Whether it's about solving your VAT issues, income tax or social security matters: the experts from Stolp+KAB can shed light on the maze of fiscal regulations.​ In addition to helping you with your tax declaration, we also keep you informed on relevant current events and amendments to the law. We'll help you find the best solution.

Tax deductions

Because we know your company and branch well, we can give you the best short and long term advice on tax deductions. You can contact us for:

  • income tax;
  • payroll tax and social security laws;
  • sales tax;
  • corporate tax;
  • international tax laws;
  • types of enterprises;
  • conveyance tax;
  • collaboration and business succession;
  • inheritance and gift tax;
  • dividend tax;
  • grievance and appeal procedures.

More information

If you want expert fiscal advice you will find it at Stolp+KAB. For more information call +31 71 3315200 (Roelofarendsveen) or +31 70 3209355 (Voorburg).