Interim report

As an entrepreneur, it is obviously a good thing to have a grip on your business results, especially when you operate in a market that is continually in motion. An interim report offers you a solution and shows you whether you are on the right track.

Up-to-date management information

The financial experts at Stolp+KAB can give you clear insight into your current results. You can decide how often you want this and what things you would like to focus on, e.g.: 

  • profit and loss account;
  • financial results analysis;
  • cash flow statement;
  • solvency or liquidity statement;
  • analysis of gross profit margin or personnel expenses;
  • benchmarking.

Long term planning

By examining your budget or forecast over a longere period of time we can shed light on the financial position of your organization. Together we can examine what needs adjusting in your business operations (records) in order to do it even better and to realize your objectives.

More information

Would you like to receive advice on the interim results of your enterprise on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis? Contact us for an introductory meeting at one of our offices in Roelofarendsveen or Voorburg via