Credit advice

Obtaining appropriate financing is often a complex process, in which you, the entrepreneur, might not be able to see the forest for the trees. Stolp + KAB can offer support and advice on revising your current financing or applying for new financing. Either way, we can increase the chances that your credit application will be accepted.


We continually strive to improve and expand our services. That is why we entered into a partnership with Van der Voort Business Advice. The owner, Frank van der Voort, has over thirty years of experience in (account) management and has had executive positions at major banks, such as the Rabobank and ABN Amro. He now offers his banking knowledge and skills, independently of financiers, directly to you, the SME entrepreneur.

Advice on your credit application

This exclusive partnership provides us access to the knowledge and mindset of financiers on evaluating your credit application or requesting a revision. If you have any questions about your application our advisors can consult with Frank. Together we can provide you sound credit advice.

More information

Our role during the preliminary stages of setting up a liquidation budget, for example, remains the same. Our partnership with Van der Voort Business Advice adds value to our services. For the right answer to your questions on financing, make an appointment with one of our specialists via