In the Audit department we add peace of mind to financial reports for foundations and small and medium enterprises. This accurate representation from an independent organization such as Stolp+KAB offers you, the entrepreneur, the bank, shareholders and/or clients added value. We strive to conduct a smart and efficient audit and to highlight the figures that are important in order to record them so that they are transparent. This is a permanent team of people so you always know who you can turn to. Nice and convenient. 


We are there at the side of the SME entrepreneur and we guarantee high quality. Naturally, we have a license from the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) which enables us to provide a legitimate accountant statement. Digitization plays a leading role our department. We also take you through the contemporary developments in automation, datamining and analysis.

Auditing engagements

What kinds of things can we help you with?

  • One of our external accountants can take care of your audit statement for a statutory audit.
  • One of our other co-workers can help you if you need an internal audit to monitor compliance of a certain regulation, or because a financer or shareholder requests this.
  • This kind of audit is not compulsory in terms of legal requirements.
  • An assessment statement carries a little less weight than a statutory audit statement.
  • You can turn to us for this alternative, but also for a partial statement, such as subsidy statement.
  • In addition, we can give foundations, universities, city governments or hospitals an assessment on capital expenditure.
  • We do this in accordance with the European rules of FP7/Horizon 2020.

International collaboration

Many organizations have close ties with businesses abroad. That is why Stolp+KAB is a member of one of the best accountancy networks in the world: RBI. Through this partnership, we have access to a worldwide network of professional service providers with practical and business experience. With our specialized knowledge we are in a position to advise you (even at your location) on international matters. 

More information

Compulsory audits in your company can be accompanied by difficult questions. Perhaps you don't always feel like thinking about these things. And yet you and your company can benefit from this. We're happy to go over your auditing issues with you. We look forward to meeting you at one of our offices. You can reach us via or call +31 71 3315200 (Roelofarendsveen), +31 70 3209355 (Voorburg).