Verdel ICT & Media

The all-around ICT & Media supplier from Roelofarendsveen

The challenge

When Barry started his own business in 2000, he felt it would be wise to consult an independent firm with extensive knowledge of finances and taxes. We provided him with proper professional advice on his start-up. He felt that we understood him and took his business seriously. Verdel ICT & Media now has its own accountant, but we still take care of an important port ot the consultancy and accountancy activities.

Our approach

Stolp+KAB supports Verdel in his salary administration, HR-matters and annual financial statements for the holding, subsidiary and various shareholdings. We anticipate results in a timely manner by putting together a budget. Barry says: "When I'm caught up in the excitement of my company I lean towards risks that might not be wise. My Stolp+KAB advisor guards me against unwise decisions. He knows me, the company, and anticipates the latest developments when necessary. 

The result

Barry describes our approach as 'involved in the region, professional, experienced and down-to-earth'. The solid financial foundation that we have created in the last few years has been an enormous help to him. The future depends on developments in business and his own ambitions, but one thing's for sure; he wants to continue working together with us. He might even want to take things up a notch. "There's a reason why you call yourselves advisors and accountants", says Barry.

"We meet twice a year when they let me take a look in a financial mirror. That helps me to get ahead as an entrepreneur."

~ Barry Verdel

Verdel ICT & Media started as an office computer firm in Roelofarendsveen in 2000. Now it has 36 employees and has grown into a complete supplier of ICT and media solutions for SMEs. Because ICT and the media are starting to come together, we help entrepreneurs in both areas. This company is unique because it puts the user's experience before technical solutions which means the client takes center stage. For more information: