Monitors and improves the speed of your website

The challenge

Niels Brinkman and Coen Backer had been monitoring websites through the services of competitors for several years, until the two came to the conclusion that the software used could actually do a lot better. This led to the launch of Uptrends in 2007, a monitoring tool that provides insight into the uptime and performance of sites, APIs and servers. Niels explains: “When we were searching for office space in Alphen, we were also looking for a local party that could do our accounts. While we talked to many accountancy firms, things immediately clicked with Marco van der Zwet of Stolp+KAB.”

Our approach

Stolp+KAB has been supporting Uptrends for years, providing the complete package of payroll administration, the preparation of its annual accounts and its income tax return. “Not so long ago, Dirk Loos, our regular contact at Stolp+KAB, proved of great service to us during the transition to Exact Online. As a result, our complete financial administration is now in the cloud. Very handy, given that all our operations take place online,” Niels enthuses. Incidentally, Dirk regularly looks over our shoulders and gives us a call if there is anything that requires our additional attention.”

The result

Niels describes Stolp+KAB’s cooperation with Uptrends as very valuable. “Thanks to their proactive attitude and personal approach, all administration runs smoothly and without problems. Someone is always available to address any queries or uncertainties, while the figures enable us to make sound decisions time after time.” Uptrends currently operates in four countries and has customers all over the world. Niels continues: “Although this sometimes involves a great deal of work, thanks to Stolp+KAB's broad network, I can rest assured that my administration abroad is also in the right hands.”

"“Our contact with the people at Stolp+KAB takes place on a highly personal and pro-active basis, which I have greatly appreciated throughout the years."

~ Niels Brinkman

Uptrends is a leading provider of website performance and network monitoring services from the cloud. The company currently has 25,000 satisfied users in 42 countries. In addition to its head office in Alphen aan den Rijn, Uptrends has branches in the United States, Germany and France. For further information, please visit: www.uptrends.nl.