Boer Makelaardij Midden-Holland

The professional real estate broker with a passion for living.

The challenge

Boer Makelaardij has existed in this form since 1995. Besides being real estate brokers, Robert Roos and Carla Goedhart are entrepreneurs at heart. These executives can be found in the workplace at their dynamic office in Gouda. Positive thinking and a commercial mindset come first: as a broker, you must continually look for opportunities. When Robert became an entrepreneur in 2003, he took a friend's advice and got in touch with Edwin Kleefstra, director and tax advisor at Stolp + KAB. "I was looking for an accountancy firm to organize the records and give me fiscal advice. Edwin and I hit it off right away."

Our approach

Stolp+KAB now helps Boer Makelaardij with its payroll and financial paperwork, and with compiling the annual financial statement and filing taxes for the corporate tax return.  Robert also comes to us for fiscal and legal advice. He explains: "You have an extensive range of services. I used to see that as a disadvantage, but now I appreciate the fact that I can find all the knowledge I need under one roof." Because of our collaboration with Robert and Carla, they can focus on management tasks and day-to-day activities. Robert "It takes a lot of time and effort to become familiar with activities outside of your field of expertise. My opinion is: stick to what you know."

The result

Robert adds that the bookkeeping has become more professional in the last few years. Furthermore, he says that he can call on us for anything from sales tax issues to questions about retirement. He looks forward to continuing our partnership in the same way in the years to come.  "When you're dealing with a volatile market like ours, it’s great when you get the help you need when you need it. Many brokers are traditionalists but we are always thinking up new things, we're active and visible. That is where our strength lies. I really enjoy working with Stolp+KAB because you are easy to reach and very approachable. The personal relationship really appeals to me. I don't like formal ways of doing business."

"What appeals to me is that you're open and approachable. I always get sound advice or an answer very fast."

~ Robert Roos

Boer Makelaardij Midden-Holland is an experienced and professional NVM-real estate agency that is passionate about homes and has an eye for business opportunities. Their office is located in Gouda where they sell and rent (newly built) houses, building plots, and small-scale commercial premises in all price ranges. In other words, a full-service real estate agency, where they think in terms of opportunities instead of threats. For more information: