Wasserij Meerzicht

For rental, washing and ironing of hotel and restaurant linen.

The challenge

In 1986, Remmert took over from his father as the proprietor of Wasserij Meerzicht, which was still based in Oude Wetering at the time. He initially proceeded with his father's business activities in Leiden, but relocated the company to its current premises in Katwijk quite soon afterwards. Remmert entered into a partnership with Marcel Vis, and they purchased the new building at Nijverheidsstraat in 2012. “A well thought-out business plan had to be drawn up to secure purchase of the building premises. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Stolp+KAB would support us in this regard. They have doing the accounts for years, much to our satisfaction,” Remmert admits.

Our approach

Stolp+KAB currently supports Wasserij Meerzicht in taking care of its payroll administration, annual accounts and income tax return. However, Remmert also comes to us for all kinds of advice. He explains: "The business plan was a big job at the time, and Michiel Polman greatly assisted us. Each year, he takes all the time required to assess our budgets and objectives. He not only views matters from the perspective of an accountant, but really thinks along with our entrepreneurial interests. That's really handy. We can always call if we have questions, and they get back to us with a satisfactory answer in no time.”

The result

Remmert explains that accounting has become considerably more professional in recent years, thanks to the latest technology. He is also enthusiastic about the developments within Stolp+KAB. “Even though the company is continually expanding, Stolp+KAB still knows better than anyone how to assist entrepreneurs while speaking in layman’s terms. Michiel is an excellent sparring partner. Furthermore, the firm keeps clients like ourselves regularly informed of the latest developments and services by post and email. It also gives me great peace of mind to know that, if necessary, I can turn to them for support in other areas, such as legal matters.”

"Stolp+KAB proved of great service to in drawing up the business plan. However, we can also contact them at any time on other matters."

~ Remmert van Dommelen

Wasserij Meerzicht specialises in washing, ironing and rentals of hotel and restaurant linen. From its headquarters in Katwijk, it serves some 52 large hotels and hotel chains in the area surrounding Leiden, Amsterdam and The Hague, as well as the coastal region. With the benefit of over a century of experience, the company has developed into an advanced laundry that processes around 50,000 kilos of laundry in an environmentally conscious manner every week. For further information, please visit: www.wasserijmeerzicht.nl.