Versbakkerij Verweij

Producer and marketer of artisan bread and pastries.

The challenge

Marius Verweij had owned a bakery in Brielle for six years when he took over the business in Woerden in 1996. He was an apprentice in Woerden many years before that. Marius currently alternates his craft with his entrepreneurship and enthusiastically trains young bakers and pastry chefs. In 1996 he started looking for an accountancy firm that could take care of everything for him. "Being the unconventional entrepreneur that I am, I was looking for a firm where I could hand in my bookkeeping records in the way I'm accustomed. I found this at Stolp + KAB, which was located in Gouda at the time. They are always willing to listen. That was 14 years ago.”

Our approach

Stolp+KAB supports and advises Versbakkerij Verweij by taking care of the financial paperwork, the payroll, subsidy regulations and various fiscal activities.  Marius is especially pleased with our personal touch. "I deliver my books in a way that works for me.  You handle everything so that I don't have to do too much, and if I have any questions, I don't have to wait long for an answer." To him, it is a good thing that the organization has grown in recent years: “colleagues can brainstorm and take over for each other when necessary. This provides continuity, for both you and me.”

The result

Marius wants to expand his bakery in the next five years by opening more stores. After that, he will focus on passing the business on to the next generation. "In cooperation with Stolp+KAB, we were able to make joint investments and achieve growth. Stolp+KAB is a reliable partner that brings out the best in you and is therefore worth every penny. Regulations, particularly related to subsidies and payroll, change very quickly. As an entrepreneur, it's nice when these changes are brought to your attention."

"Are you an unconventional person on the brink of starting up your own business? Then Stolp+KAB is the partner for you, they truly listen."

~ Marius Verweij

Versbakkerij Verweij both produces and sells bread and pastries. They now have a bakery and a store in the Tournoysveld shopping mall in Woerden, and a branch in Gouda and Bodegraven. Its thirty employees are passionate about their vocation and are ready to serve their customers six days a week. For more information: