Verboon Oogadviseur

Optimum eye care by specialists in optics, optometry and contact lenses.

The challenge

To offer the best products and services for improving vision, from eyewear to contact lenses and from refractive surgery to cataract treatments. If you're a client or a patient you've come to the right place at Verboon Oogadviseur. The company was founded in Woerden (Utrecht) in 1965 and is still located there. In 1998 it was passed down from father to son. Wouter Verboon: "My father used to have another accountant in Gouda. When the business expanded, he felt he needed to change to a more professional office with more experience. I have continued our partnership with Stolp+KAB, because why change a winning team?"

Our approach

We help Verboon Oogadviseur with accounting, the payroll, annual financial statements, filing corporate tax returns, giving advice on taxation and legal issues.  Wouter explains: "We used to let someone else keep our company records, but now you take care of everything. I get quick answers to my questions and know exactly who to call on for specific issues.  We have recently been participating in an anonymous benchmark of Stolp+KAB’s clients in the optics sector. It is interesting to know where you stand in relation to peers in the industry and where you need to make adjustments.  

The result

A new location opened in Woerden in 2002, and Wouter took on two partners in 2011. "There are a lot of things to be considered when renting office space and selling part of your business, including appraisal and financing. Our Ltd has become an LLP. In such complex cases, it's nice when an accountant is there by your side. You handled this very well." In the next few years, Verboon is going to focus more on eye care for the aging population. The market is volatile in the retail sector where online sales are increasing rapidly. However, optics is a rather traditional business. "These are great challenges, that I want to take on together with you," says Wouter.

"Stolp+KAB is a reliable partner. I always look forward to our yearly meeting when we look to the future together."

~ Wouter Verboon

Verboon Oogadviseur has everything you need to ensure optimal vision. They set the bar high, but their threshold is low. The winner of the AD-test 'Best Optician of the Netherlands' offers a broad spectrum of designer eyewear, every kind of contact lens imaginable, cleaners and optometry for testing your eye health. For more information: