Vepo Cheese

A traditional Dutch family-owned business specialized in slicing, grating and packaging cheese.

The challenge

Mark Verkleij and Marlou Bink-Verkleij, brother and sister, are at the helm of Vepo Cheese. The relationship between Stolp+KAB and this family-owned business goes back a long way. Grandpa Verkleij called on us to take care of the bookkeeping for Verkleij Cheese Shop, at our office in Oudewater over forty years ago. Then dad took over the business in 2009, after which Vepo Cheese became a reality. We help this company by putting together the annual accounts and giving advice on various aspects of the business. So we have built a solid relationship with this proud, family-owned business, with locations in Bodegraven and Oudewater. Besides Vepo Cheese, the cheese shop is still around.

Our approach

Stolp+KAB draws up the annual accounts and the management letter and gives support in (re)structuring and financing issues. The relationship manager attends the shareholders meetings, and we give VepoCheese advice on fiscal matters, alongside their tax consultant. We also take care of personal matters and offer suggestions on how to reduce risks. As entrepreneurs they feel supported in matters like the division of property, taxation, drawing up a budget and information on subsidies. "Stolp+KAB regularly informs us about revised legislation and useful benefits. That is what you need when you’re an entrepreneur", Mark says.

The result

When one of our shareholders resigned two years ago, everything went very smoothly because we were so prepared. The advice in the management letter is also very helpful to them. Marlou says: "We are always happy when a third party checks things for us, this keeps the administrative organization and us on the ball. Look at this tax advantage or should you or should you not invest in this particular property. You are quick to respond and in an appropriate manner. You really think along with us". In the next few years, Mark and Marlou want to continue in the same way, being keenly aware of changing laws and regulations and making use of our knowledge of international matters where necessary.

"You are a trustworthy partner who is down-to-earth. You say what you do and do what you say; that is Stolp+KAB."

~ Mark and Marlou Verkleij

Vepo Cheese is a family-owned business that has its origins in 1920. This company is specialized in packaging and processing cheese. They source their own raw materials, package and market the products. Their clientele is quite diverse; they supply to retail businesses, food services, and industrial processors. Their headquarters in Bodegraven delivers to 22 countries. The people at Vepo Cheese are very proud of their Traditional Dutch product which even Wubbo Okkels took with him on board the Challenger space shuttle in 1986! More information: