Your specialist in rental and permanent installation of events technology.

The challenge

Fred Bourgonje started as an independent contractor in 1982 because he noticed a growing demand for events technology. He was introduced to Stolp+KAB by a bank relationship and felt an instant connection with the company, and that was the beginning of a long-term relationship. That was 14 years ago. Fred explains: "I'm still extremely happy with this partnership. Stolp + KAB is an accountancy firm that has tax specialists and other professionals. It's a one-stop shop that safeguards the continuity of my company." Since then, his organization has grown from a sole proprietorship to a private limited company, and we had an advisory role in this transition. But there is more.

Our approach

Stolp + KAB helps with and advises Bourgonje on fiscal issues and the payroll.  Recently, the company finalized a real estate transaction with the accompanying financing issues. Fred has also recently started to take advantage of our Human Resources services and know-how on employee rights.  He is impressed by our approach and our help as a sounding board in the area of finances.  Entrepreneurship is our common denominator. Fred: "You understand what makes an entrepreneur tick, and depending on the situation you either encourage me to move forward or make sure that I slow down a little."

The result

Fred has been in the business for almost 35 years; his company is growing and expanding.  Of course there are setbacks from time to time. But Fred is pleased to know that he has an accounting firm by his side to help him make the right decisions in times of adversity. Over the next few years Bourgonje will continue to develop, and of course, questions regarding finances and housing are naturally a part of this. His company will undoubtedly call on Stolp + KAB to help him in these matters. A stable organization with multiple partners gives Fred peace of mind, and thanks to the longstanding relationship we have with him we understand his profession and can offer him the best advice. 

"My accountant knows about financial and fiscal matters, and what's more, he has an entrepreneurial spirit. And entrepreneurs like to brainstorm with like-minded people."

~ Fred Bourgonje

Bourgonje provides facilities for the events, television and conference industry in the broadest sense of the word, both here and abroad. Bourgonje rubs shoulders with the Golden Earring and government agencies worldwide, and rents out everything in the area of sound, image, lighting and the services of dedicated professionals. Besides these unique services, they also sell materials: complete boardrooms, control rooms or technological equipment for conference rooms in hotels.  Bourgonje takes care of all its customers in every way possible! For more information: