Salary administration

Taking care of salary administration is one of our specialties. At Stolp+KAB, we have a team of experienced salary experts who provide excellent tailor-made services. There are three possibilities for processing your salary administration. Here they are.

Outsourcing salary administration

You can let us do all of your salary administration. We do prompt and precise salary calculations by adhering to current laws and rules and regulations in your industry. We can even make it easier by preparing your payment files and sending salary statements for you.

Entering transactions

We can take care of the activities mentioned above, but you periodically fill in the variable transactions. This could be overtime, (deductible) expenses, variable traveling expenses etc.

Online salary administration

Do you want to process the salaries yourself, whenever it suits you? With Nmbrs you can enter or remove names of employees, make pro forma salary calculations and enter fixed and variable transactions into the system. After you have implemented and checked these transactions, we export and process them. We also check and send the salary statements.

We go the extra mile at Stolp+KAB

  • We're happy to make a pro forma salary calculation to help you get insight into the costs related to hiring new employees.
  • We ease the burden of making arrangements for sick leave or maternity leave.
  • We are also able to centralize and digitize your personnel files.

More information

Do you want sound advice on your salary administration or do you have questions about personnel policies? Call for an appointment in Roelofarendsveen (+31 71 3315200) or Voorburg (+31 70 3209355). You can also send us an email.