Compilation annual financial report

We can draft an annual financial report based on your bookkeeping or ours. This is an important source of information in which we present the results against your assets and liabilities for the calendar year. You need an expert to draft this report because the tax authorities or your bank will see this document, too. You can depend on Stolp+KAB to help you with this. Naturally, we will discuss the concept for your annual account, including the specifics. This is important to us.

More information

To sum up, Stolp+KAB gives you financial advice in the broadest sense of the word. We look further than figures and offer you added value by standing by you as an active sparring partner. If you want to get acquainted you can contact us on weekdays at +31 71 3315200 (Roelofarendsveen) or +31 70 3209355 (Voorburg).